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Choosing a Sydney Roofing Specialist can be a difficult task, with so many able bodied professionals vying for your custom and your trust. We, the roofing professionals at CRRC Pty Ltd, first hope to guide people in their choices and possible solutions, and welcome all queries without obligation. We are passionate about our roofing trade, and are highly skilled in finding and fitting the perfect solution for your roofing project in Sydney.

CRRC Pty Ltd uses products from only the best suppliers, and we don’t take short cuts on quality. Our roofing project quotes are extremely well-priced and very competitive, especially when compared to the quality of work and product we offer in Sydney.

We are solely focused on the installation of new Sydney Metal Roofs and Metal Roof Restoration for all sectors of the industry, from the biggest buildings, to the smallest Sydney homes. So what you get when we work with you are people who live and breath roofing. We work with a range of profiles – Colorbond, Zincalume, Copper, Rheinnzink, VM Zinc, Aluminum and Galvanised Iron. A guarantee is provided on the quality and workmanship of each project carried out, that lasts seven years.

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We often employ Colorbond in the manufacturing of our metal roofing, which has its great reputation for a reason. The advantages of using Colorbond are described below.

A vast array of roofing colours designed with Australia in mind.
Colorbond represents the essence of what it means to be Australian, sourcing pleasing aesthetic colour palettes form a variety of terrains. From Sydney’s Blue Mountains, to our rugged outback, from sand dunes to our creeks and rivers, Colorbond replicates our natural surroundings in perfect style. There are 20 colour choices suited to any Sydney Roofing project.

Over half a century worth of testing and performance.
One of the most advanced, strongest, and weather resistant roofing materials on the planet, Colorbond also has second-to-none anti-corrosion abilities. It has withstood the harshest climate conditions possible and, in 50 years of roof testing, has passed with flying colours. It has both the looks and the smarts.
Colorbonds baked on, and durable finish ensures a long life performance, with full resistance to chipping and peeling. Among other performance features are resistance to termites, water tight and weather safe, and non-combustible. With a durable finish perfect for roofing, it is full protection for your family and loved ones in Sydney.

Energy costs are reduced due to our roofs reflective features.
The surface reflects the suns rays in our Sydney summers, keeping the building cool, thus creating a more efficient and energy smart building.
This is just another way that employing the right material saves you money everyday.
Thermal insulation solutions are also an expertise provided by CRRC, and we offer a range of solutions that are a very cost effective way of helping to maintain a constant temperature in your Sydney building all year round.

Compared to yesteryear, and the look of old barn yards and sheds, today’s metal roof frameworks, designs, and colours are a far better roofing solution and are far more aesthetically appealing. Plus, a metal roof is much more resilient compared to all various other roof system choices that are present today.

Normally speaking, metal roofing is light-weight, stylish, vibrant and long lasting. If these aspects are essential to you, then metal roofing should be your desired Sydney Roofing option.

To further educate you in your search for the ideal roofing solution for your Sydney project, I would like to elucidate both the pros and cons of employing a metal roof within your construction. It is no secret that metal roofing has a higher initial cost than other roofing solutions. But we hope that the following discourse will help all understand that CRRC Pty Ltd only wish to provide the most cost effective solution for all people in the long run.

As is very well known, metal roofing has many advantages, such as its modern architectural aesthetics, as well as durability and insulation. However, at CRRC PTY Ltd, we also want to discuss the positives and also the issues that people may feel apprehensive about when choosing this solution.
Firstly, Metal roofs refer to solutions that are made of either aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloys, copper, and steel. These materials may vary depending on appearance, or strength, which (as with all things) reflect on price of materials.

The most common metal roofing material is Steel. As a comparison to aluminium, and is heavier and stronger. Steel roofs to not rust or corrode due to their fantastic durability and weather resistance.
The harsh sunlight, and gusts of wind and rain, of Sydney conditions (and Australia in general) are devastating if the correct materials are not used. This could result in rust, corrosion, and a roof that needs repair or replacing after a short amount of time.

Below, is a list of features that give reasons why metal roofing for your Sydney project is the superior choice, and why it is better than the alternative choices.
A roof life span of between twenty to fifty years, thus exceptional durability.
High resistance to all the elements imaginable, such as rot, fire, and insects.
Easily able to withstand high winds and heavy rains, that Sydney is becoming fats accustomed to.
Light weight compared to traditional tiled roofing.
Metal roofing carries a class A fire resistant rating. It is extremely resistant to fire, thus holding the highest rating that you can achieve.
Metal Roofing is extremely energy efficient. With the costs of energy in Sydney rising in the double digits every year, the problem of energy efficiency is prevalent. CRRC Pty Ltd go the extra mile when ensuring that every project they carry out gains the most effective energy efficiency recommended for the job.

With the plethora of advantages, there are of course the perceived disadvantages in using metal roofing for your Sydney roofing project. Following are some of the common concerns:
Initial Investment of metal roofing is higher than traditional roofing. This factor can be deceiving as the life span costs of employing metal roofing is much cheaper than conventional roofing.
A common myth is that metal roofing is very noisey, due to rain and hail. However, modern installs of metal roofing are virtually noise free, and CRRC Pty Ltd use the best acoustic construction techniques to subdue any noise related problems.

So as you can see, our Roofing Sydney solutions are a good choice of for roofing when used for the right application. It is long term cost effective, looks good and has an acceptable lifespan when used in most environments. With all the benefits, it is easy to see why it has become such a popular choice in roofing solutions Sydney and Australia wide.

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